Before the COVID struck we never really asked the question where can one purchase or sell used materials for the trade show and exhibitions. When asking in the network one would usually sell it or give it to a business partner in immediate circle of ones network. Or maybe even consider using platforms like Ebay or other platforms that are not very targeted for our audience. 

Then the COVID-19 started, we can all recall when in EU the first trade show in Spain/ Barcelona got canceled and it all went tumbling down causing many businesses to close shop for one or the other reasons. Believe us, we know! 

But instead of wallow in the sadness we, the Titans in the trade show world prevailed! We found alternatives in new businesses opportunities, new products and new markets. However exciting the reality is that we can not wait for trade shows to start again, and they will stronger than ever. There are major efforts by the industry leaders pushing for recovery. Until then, we are left with a whole lot of material that you want to sell or purchase for future endeavours .

This is where we come in: Do you want to sell your stuff online? Do you want to buy other’s fellow members stuff online? YOU’RE LOOKING FOR ExpoBox. One of the most advanced and handy tools out there, designed to automate the buying, auctioning and buying process for trade show and exhibition materials.